Dextrous Enterprise Sdn.Bhd. provide quality locks and ironmongeries for the ever increasing demand  in project industry. Since its inception, Dextrous Enterprise through its sheer dedication and commitment , It can be now be considered as one of the leading supplier of architectural hardware and electronic system company for projects in Malaysia.

Meanwhile Dextrous Enterprise Sdn.Bhd. still continues to provide showrooms for the display and sales of it’s lock and ironmongeries to the end user market. This is in line with our commitment to all levels of the market, thereby not forgetting the area of the market which initially was responsible for our rapid growth.

Dextrous Enterprise Sdn.Bhd. with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the security industry, together headed by experienced and highly dynamic management team, and staffed by a fully trained team of sales and technical personnel are confident enough to provide professional services to our customers to ensure “TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” in projects undertaken.

All this is simply possible, as we strive to provide the best care and assistance to our most valued customer through our dedicated company policy.

Our motto of “Towards Service Excellence” has only you,our most valued customer in mind.

The Dextrous Insight

The inaugural edition will be published online this July 2014.

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